Xiaomi launched the new fitness band which was important to those consumers who are interested in tracking health and diets

1.Mi band price
2.battery life
3.new features
4.mi band5 display

Xiaomi launch this band in china things you should know

Xiaomi launched two versions of band standard version or NFC version the smart band come with many new features and in colored strap option like black, blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow and green the band resistant up to 50 meters

MI band 5 price

the standard version of this price come in 2000 rupees and the NFC version come in 2500 rupees

Battery life of mi band

the NFC version will come in 14 days with single charge and the standard version come in upto 20 days on single charge

mi band 5 display

the mi band 5 supports a AMOLED display it will come more than animated hundred watch faces

MI band PAI Activity index

the band come with a personal activity intelligence this index helps users to track and understand and enhance their fitness activities the accuracy of the sleeping monitoring by 40%

Intresting new features of mi band 5

this band will sport heart rate sensor the women users were enable us to track their with the help of women health mode users can also recieve messages or incoming calls with this band the new camera mode help to user to click the photo from the smartphone and users complete payments or transactions with this band