Hawaii is a dream destination, with all multiple islands.there is plenty to keep you busy with such intresting activities.you see many activites to fill your days there.check out the top 10 things to do in hawaii while you are there

1.Stargaze at Mauna Kea

it is the place of worlds largest telescopes and do not miss the chance to visit this place.you can see the incredible atmospheric clarity in a world-renowned setting

guests can visit the information center where nightly star gazing is held accompanied by stars, a documentary film or stargazers give you low down what are you seeing, aside from its impressive technology and sunset views the stars a beautiful trip check in your list while things to do in Hawaii.

2.Attend a Lau

this is the Hawaiin event drawing in tourists for decades. the leaves one of the things to do in Hawaii.it is both a cultural and entertaining event, the lau lets visitors into the tradition of Hawaiians.eat the food and watching the hula and enjoy its culture

3.Take a surf lesson

Hawaii was known for its ideal surfing which was made by the surfers in all over the country and world.with surfing it is alive and well, the visitors want to get in the water and experience all the fuss is about.

luckily which have no experience, there are companies all over the islands who give you lessons so you can get out amongst the waves

4.Go snorkeling

A vibrant underwater kingdom is what awaits along the shores of Hawaii. Ancient turtles colorful fish and coral want to see. the quality companies around the islands who can take out to the more remote and give out to the interesting sections of the sea.

5.Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

it is one of the best parks in Hawaii and it is different from America`s 50 other parks it is one of the most photographic things in Hawaii.you can along through lava tubes,wander across a domrant volcano and watch stream come right up out from the ground you can watch one of the active volcanoes spew lava right into the sea.the dramatic way to see a park is helicopter flight from Kona.

6.Go whale watching

they are one of the sea most majestic creatures and you also see in natural habitat in Hawaii. join a tour and search for them.the humpback waves and Hawaiin whales as people call them, came to the island every winter to give breed and give birth to their young ones

Every Humpback that we saw in the Hawaiin are born here, so they are also known as Hawaiin Humpback.the whales are very curious while they were young. This provides for spectacular interactions with these huge mammals. Check out our whale watching options on Oahu or Maui.

7. visit Pearl Harbor

History buffs will love visiting this significant Hawaiian site. Check out the memorials, learn about the harbor’s role in the war and take a look at the collection of battleships. In the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center you can observe war relics and authentic uniforms. The interactive museum exhibits chronicle World War II and the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. Save time by booking tickets in advance with PlacePass.

8.Swim with Manta rays

Go on a boat tour to check out these mesmerizing creatures up close. Once you spot them in the water, get in, and have a swim with the mantas. Unlike stingrays, mantas are very gentle and don’t have teeth, stingers, or barbs. These big and beautiful animals are truly amazing. They boast wingspans that can exceed 15 feet (4.5 meters) in width! They are completely safe to be around, so hop aboard for the aquatic experience of a lifetime

9.Tour a cofee plantation

With the perfect climate and rich soil, Hawaii is full of excellent coffee plantations. One of the most educational things to do in Hawaii, make sure to pay one a visit in order to learn about the process, taste some free samples and see what a coffee plantation actually looks like. Discover thriving coffee orchards, and learn about the meticulous harvesting process from local coffee farmers. Then explore the coffee mills to see how the beans are processed. Sip a freshly brewed cup to experience the rich aroma and flavorful taste that distinguish Kona coffee from other varieties. Need help planning? Book a Kona coffee tour with PlacePass.

10.Go Sailing

With hundreds of miles of coastline, Hawaii has plenty of opportunities for sailing. Hire a boat and spend the day and see the island from a different angle. For the ultimate Photo op, the time you depart for sunset.when the islands are at their finest.cheers!