Arriving seven years after the Xbox One first launched, the new Microsoft Series Xbox console lands in a different world and a very different Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft is embracing subscription bundling with its Game Pass service and cloud streaming with xCloud; They are still committed to building huge metal boxes with tremendous power designed to carry new boundary-pushing game towers to consumers’ homes.

I will say that the $499 Series X and $299 Series S were tough systems to review. Launch lineups for brand-spanking-new consoles always leave a little to be desired, but this generation has been particularly prone to launch title delays and a handful of the launch-day Series Microsoft Xbox series is ahead of its time titles weren’t even available to reviewers ahead of launch. the former can be pinned on COVID – 19 related days impacting already timelines, but the latter seemed to be a bit of an unnecessary limit placed on reviewers. what does the xbox 2 look like

Quickly here are the high Differences between the Series X and Series S

Series X

  • Plays titles in 4K at 120 fps , with up to 8K support at up to 160 fps
  • 1 TB storage
  • 4K UHD Blu ray device
  • very big

devolopers decide how hard can push their titles

Series S

  • Plays titles up to 1440p at up to 120 fps
  • 512GB storage
  • No optical drive
  • Not nearly as big

This previous generation of hardware shook up the idea of what a console generation. In the past, mid-generation updates to hardware were largely cosmetic – slipped down packages with the same power – but with the Xbox One S and One X, Xbox delivered mid-generation, Microsoft Xbox series is ahead of its time Xbox delivered mid-generation console upgrades that improved performance, breaking the rules in an aim to steal users away from PlayStation with the promise that they could make the most of their brand new 4K televisions.

A result of that this doesn’t immediately feel like a mind – bending upgrade over Microsoft’s previous research. It feels ahead of it’s time, I think consumers that buy the device on this day one will have to wait quite before they can harness its full capabilities .

This game has the mind blowing graphics and the users want to buy this product and became the big name in the world of a console gaming.

The load time reductions special thanks to new SSD storage and it is the biggest thing you probably off. Another big quality of life is a quick resume, the users allow to quickly hope back into a game playing a while ago, without reloading the entire page and wandering through start menus. this feature is missing in play station 5 atleast for time being

With all of this in mind, I’d say that the reality is — and this is on paper — there also isn’t a ton separating the Series X and Sony’s  PS5 consoles in terms of playability. Both are getting much better internals, SSDs that will drastically reduce loading times, better UIs and newer controllers.

Being super early to technology, as a consumer leads to trade-offs, and definitely in the case of series x/ much does an Xbox one cost. The cost of Xbox series x is 50,000

It is very interesting than play station 5 and more features and the seller wants to buy it.