Maybe you have heard it from her family or her friend or on social media; People think that the fifth 5G generation is not safe. Is 5G hazardous to your health?

But that’s a conspiracy theory.

5G towers are the infrastructure used to hold the network equipment for all the accelerated internet access, and while they are functionally different than the cell phone towers that are used to viewing-because the hardware emits higher frequency radio waves they are much shorter in length.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, The bad takes on 5G even worse, some people claim that there is a link between the coronavirus and deployment of 5G towers. The people burn down nearly 80 cell phone towers in the united kingdom in recent months.

Still the latest class of iphones gearly toward the fast internet access that comes with the 5G, and according to iphone analyst, The iphone 12 saw more preorders in last 24 hours than the iPhones 11.

How Does 5G work anyway

Unlike the lattice cell phone towers that enable LTE networks -hulking between usually 200 and 400 feet tall, 5G networks rely heavily on petite units called “small cells”. Which are attached to utility poles in urban settings.

The visible spectrum or all of the light or we can see, exists along the larger electromagnetic spectrum. But it’s really just a the graphic below you can see the visible spectrum just between the ultraviolet and infrared lights, or between 400 and 700 nanometres.

As energy increases long the electromagnetic spectrum, the waves become shorter and shorter-notice that gama rays are far is more powerful. So the frequency and wavelength are inverse relationships.

5G operates a high frequency than other communication standards we are used to liking 3G, 4G, or LTE. These networks work frequencies between about 1 to 6 gigahertz,5G still work to 24, and 90 gigahertz.

Because 5G functions at a higher frequency they are more powerful but shorter in length. This is the primary reason why new infrastructure is required for 5G deployment: the waves have different characteristics

That, in effect, is why small cells are installed on utility poles. In cities, especially 5G towers are more fast and powerful, but cant travel well through walls or other obstructions. After all, you wouldn’t want a connected autonomous vehicle to cruise down the freeway with ease, only to lose signal as soon it drives between two tall building.

why are people freaked out by 5G Towers

It’s a good question. Frankly most of the bulk information that bunk theorists 5G relates in some way to radiation. Radiation: 5G mobile networks and health and energy it always comes in the form of cancer calling out from a nuclear accident called Chernobyl.

In fact, you should generally refer to radiation as ‘electromagnetic waves’ according to U.S centres of disease control and prevention.

Still, that doesn’t make the claims accurate. here are three of the wildest myths, and why they’re patently false. Overview of Risks Introduced by 5G Adoption

Myth#1: 5G causes cancer

According to the American cancer society, there isn’t yet enough scientific evidence to suggest radiofrequency emitted from cell phone towers are harmful with the caveat that we need more research to determine the full safety

The waves that enable wireless communications are considered to be “non-iozing radiation,” which means they don’t directly damage the DNA inside cells. Recall the graphic above that depicts the electromagnetic spectrum: the harmful ionizing radiation includes X-rays, gamma rays, or ultraviolet rays.

Because 5G waves that are higher frequency – and therefore stronger-than those used in 4G LTE or above, But keep in mind that in most cases 5G won’t exceed gigahertz in frequency a far cry from the harmful radiation. which is far cry in form of extrahertz(a unit of frequency equal to 1018 Hertz)

Myth#2: 5g towers can spread COVID-19

It sounds that some people, actually believe can COVID-19 can be spread from 5g towers. The world health organization running tabs of all the wildest myths about the novel coronavirus, and the rumor might mark at the top.

unfortunately, It look like the false information

Myth#3: China is using 5g to spy on us

The theories goes looks like this: if Chinese companies, with ties to the Chinese goverenment, end up implementing the 5g towers that transmit the 5G wireless communication, they could spy on us through technological “backdoors” in that equipment.

To make matter worse, heads of major telecom companies are often the ones espousing the views. ” we don’t trust anybody, whether they sit in china or in the U.S “Scott petty, chief technology offer at Vodafone UK told the financial times ” our job is to protect to our customers.”

But in any case, it’s clear the U.S has been proacting in treating Huawei as if it were a certain threat making the theory that china could spy on us through 5G null and void.